Monday 30 November 2015

C T Quilts ..... an absolute jewel of a place!

Blessed are the piece makers! Blessed are the daughters of the piece makers
 for they shall inherit the quilts.

What can I say about C T Quilts ... hmmm where to start there is so much to say.  This shop is just wonderful.  It is pretty from the outside which always shows promise as far as I am concerned and it is really understated too.  I had been in touch with the ladies at this shop and they had said they were
looking forward to my visit and yes indeed there were old quilts. that statement was understated I can tell you.

When I walked into this jewel I noticed lots of different beautiful new fabrics and notions and a smiling face to greet me.  I introduced myself and was immediately warmly welcomed.  I could not help it because as we were saying hello I say shelving unit and there folded and displayed were indeed antique quilts and fabrics.  I could not believe it.

Whilst I was there I was shown and told about the quilt restorations that they do for clients.  This shop really is good.  You can go there and get advice, help, restoration, new fabrics and notions, antique fabrics and linens, threads and so much more.... If this was down the road from me I would be a frequent visitor.  If any of you reading this are lucky enough to live near this shop in CT then go and take a look for yourselves.  If you blink you would miss it but when inside its like an Aladdin's Cave and seems to open up.  It looks very small from the outside but not at all with plenty of fabrics and another room for quilt restoration.

    Address: 27 Coogan Blvd #1c, Mystic, CT 06355, United States
    Phone:+1 860-304-3090

There is a promised web site which is under construction and then all around the world it will be possible to buy vintage fabrics and quilts from them.  I bought a beauty when I was there infact a couple one has the name and the date on it of the lady who stitched it.  I will be selling it next year either at a vintage fair or on Etsy so watch this space......

Anyway I must get on with a few bits today  ... working from my list is the best therapy as you see things crossed off!

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!

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