Monday 9 November 2015

My American antique adventure ... Part one.

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.  There is no end
to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open

Jawaharlal Nehru

The time spent in America was all together too short but wow did we pack some things in.  We went to the Canterbury Shaker village with all its history and atmosphere and it has a calm and quiet effect on all those who visit.

Quilting shops that had new and vintage fabrics.  We met up with friends for 5 days and had fun and adventure ( I even went on a bike ride, yes wrapped up and full of medication so as not to let everyone down)  

We went along the Antiques trail and also found some better antique shops that were not mentioned on the Internet but oh boy there are some beauties and everyone was welcoming and helpful to say the least.  New Hampshire and Connecticut were brimming with beauty and vintage and of course the leaves were stunning, such a beautiful time of year to be there and I enjoyed every moment.  I know I was not in full health but at least I was away and not having to do housework or even make our bed.  I was determined to enjoy every moment and keep taking flu tablets along the way.

Our first stop after landing was New Hampshire and the Colby Hill Inn ( which is like heaven on earth)  This is the centre also for the Antiques trail.  When we set off on the trail I was clutching my list and watching all the scenery go by as my husband drove us along.  I have to say that a lot of it was disappointing though.  I had asked about fabrics and stitchery before I had left as you know and there was a distinct lack of what I was looking for.  I will admit to being a little deflated especially I suppose of not feeling my normal self on top.  

Over two days we did not find much but what we did find has sold and so there fore I am pleased with it.  I bought a beautiful wall hanging which you saw in last Fridays blog and the other were two little flapper dolls with hand painted faces and they were beautiful.  I took a chance on them and told myself that should they not sell within 3 months I would keep them.  They sold within 3 minutes so I was so pleased with my choices.

My husband then found an antique shop over several floors in a town near where we were staying called Concord, which happens to be the capital of New Hampshire .... Ooh my as soon as I walked in I knew that I had found stitchery heaven ( not quilts that comes later in the holiday)  I found some wonderful things there including the two head dresses that I spoke of last Friday ( see the post on the
Vintage Bazaar)  also there were cotton reels, mother of pearl buttons on there original cards and beautiful cards of popper studs as well.  I found some original leather theatre gloves too that are so dainty and small you wonder what size these ladies were.....

I bought lace, ribbons, buttons, spools which I might add were clarks and JP Coates and some stunning book plates I had a whole haberdashery by the basket full..... this was one happy lady I can tell you.  I kept walking around in absolute heaven.

I had such a great time buying and of course selling them at the Vintage Bazaar.  Not all have gone so I am think of putting them on Etsy to sell at some point and some will be keepers for me.  I think a little haberdashery and quilt shop with some of my makes thrown in will great or I may well push forward with my website that was shelved because of being busy designing for publication this year.

I was still on the hunt for quilts and feed sack fabrics, whole sacks and of course quilts made from them as well.

But that is another story for you all tomorrow........  Lets just say you will not be disappointed with the beauty of what I purchased and some of the stories to go along with it.  Learn about an absolute beauty of a shop in Connecticut and a funny story about the bike ride!

Have a great day and as alway Happy Stitching!

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