Saturday 28 November 2015

Hello and Happy Weekend.

Good Morning All

Well as you all may have guessed I have been right royal poorly with flu and a dreadful cough and cold.  I tried to go out this week for a little while but the cold air just made me start to cough all the more!

I am feeling better than I was but extremely tired I am afraid.  I have not picked up a needle in weeks which is so unlike me, however I am hoping to get some done next week.

I have so much to do and hate being ill - its such a waste of time I feel.  I have preparations for Christmas to be getting on with and getting ready for my friend Jo who comes every two years from OZ .... Eeeeek!

The trick is I feel not to over do it and just do some jobs daily then early afternoon sit down and do some stitching to feel I am back at work.

I have missed some great vintage fairs on this years calenders and I am really sad about that.  Today is the Christmas Vintage Bazaar in Devizes from 9 until 3 so if any of you can make it then it will be wonderful.  I am hoping that by next weekend I will be able to attend the Sarah Moore Christmas pop up fair at her beautiful farm house in West Sussex but I will have to see.....

I have stopped work for publication this year and will resume in 2016, I am having a few weeks off for Christmas to spend with Jo and  to be able to organise my self for next years punishing diary commitments....

I feel since my holiday in October the weeks have flown by and I have had this cough etc for 9 weeks which is very draining.  I have some new cough mixture and it seems to be working so fingers crossed for me peeps...

Wanting to get on I have written some lists and one of the things to do is get some project baskets ready for next year.  Whilst I have been recuperating I have been sketching new designs and I am pleased with the results.

So hopefully next week I will have some good blogs again for you all to read until I stop for the festive season.

Thank you to those of you who have messaged me I have been over whelmed with your caring words and a special thank you to Jenny of Tilly D fame who contacts me regularly to see how I am and if anything is needed ... Thank you Jenny you have been a great friend and helping me at the October VB when I felt so ill.

Anyway I hope you are all well out there and keeping flu free so take good care and have a great weekend and of course Happy Stitching! xx


  1. Oh poor you I hope you feel better very soon. When your friend gets here you will be able to forget about the flu and get on with having a good natter. I cannot believe it is November already and Christmas is just around the corner and I have not done anything I wanted to do!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie .. Yes it's been awful. I went to London dosed up on tablets for a night and day. Whilst it was lovely it put me back weeks because it got worse so I have literally not been to anything. I feel I am over it apart from tired and a cough that refused to go! X