Friday 10 October 2014

Pretty little sewing tins .... NEW design from Homespunstitchworks

Hi All

Well the weather here is blasting away with intermittent rain and wind and it has turned cold!

I have been busy designing and stitching and have completed lots of things for publication.

I have been doing some of these little stitching tins ... what do you think?  This one contains vintage scissors, tape measure and threads as well as pins and needles.

There are two rare hand carved mother of pearl buttons and hand embroidery.  The tin is lined at the bottom and the lid with vintage paisley quilt bits.  Also for decoration there are some vintage crochet bit as well.

I hope you like my new design ...

 The vintage tin lid

 The inside of stitchery tin

The quilted lid inside tin

Happy Stitching!

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