Wednesday 4 December 2013

Tales of 'The Warm Wijn'

Hello all

Whilst writing my list and ticking what I have already done, I came upon my list for food over the holiday period.  I have done the cranberry sauce and it is in the fridge and was checking cupboards for menus that I have prepared on my list so that I can check ingredients that needs to be bought.  Well on there was warm wijn recipe (mulled wine) and I was checking for the spices and it brought to mind one lovely Christmas Eve when my Mum and Dad came ( they are my husbands parents, but I have adopted them for myself too!!)

So we made a huge batch of warm wijn and my father in law was very partial to it.  We all sat by the open fire, having had our meal and the presents were under the tree and the shops were closed.  What had not been bought was quiet frankly not needed.  We were all talking and laughing and drinking the warm wijn and we drunk the big saucepan full that we had made. 

Deciding then it was best to go to bed, my lovely father in law stood up and wobbled into every door on his way to the stairs and gradually making it to his room....... He had a huge grin on his face!!
We get on very well and he and I always seem to be getting into some trouble or another , usually fuelled by some wine!!!  He has said before I get him into trouble............. but he loves it!!

So anyway try some for yourselves, it is lovely and warming ..... take heed though its potent too!!

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  1. Good morning Sarah
    DAD has read this and is now sitting in his arm chair with a BIG grin all over his face and shaking his head saying "That was a great evening, the memory is still with me"!!!!!
    How about the other 10 bottles under the table then?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a good day, you are ahead of me with all your shopping done and dusted.
    Love from TROUBLE and your biggest fanXXXXXXXX