Wednesday 18 December 2013

Christmas cake decorating

Hello all!

Today I am going to decorate my Christmas cake and the one I make for my lovely mum!  The theme this year is Polar bears.......

I bought some great edible ones and I am pleased with them, also last weekend we went to Bath for the day and wandered about the Christmas market and I found some edible diamonds so they will go on too!

I really enjoy making my cakes look pretty..... I give my mum hers and half is gone by Christmas Eve!!! we call her Mrs Tiggywinkle (from Beatrice Potter) and she really can not resist cake! 

I will enjoy today making in the kitchen, also I make a lasagne and a cottage pie for the freezer so over the Christmas week I can grab something easy so that we can snuggle up and watch a movie here one evening between Christmas and New Years Eve!

What ever you do today enjoy yourself!!

They are wonderful don't you think?

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