Tuesday 3 December 2013

Day to tidy and to do some hand stitching

Good morning all

Well today I am going to be busy about the house and I have scheduled myself to sit and stitch by 2-30!! now if my bones stop aching maybe I can wiz about and get to that a bit quicker!!

I really would like to get The little house sampler to the framer.  Because of the change of date to do the drawer, this little lovely has taken a slight back seat, plus with not feeling my best it has sat neglected slightly....... don't worry my lovely readers it will be there for you.....

Anyway whatever you are doing today make it a good one.

Ahhhhh this is better!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Sarah
    hope you are now "SITTING" in peace with your sewing. Its not a nice day weatherwise.
    Glad the sampler will be reasdy soon????
    Have agreat evening.
    Love XXX???