Thursday 5 December 2013


Hello all!

Well my Birthday weekend draws near and there are preparations under way.  Today my lovely friend Joanna arrives from Australia and I will get to see her this weekend.  I am so excited.

Today I thought I would give you some ideas for panettone.  This is a traditional Christmas cake in Italy and being that I have part Italian genes in me, we always have a few in our home this time of year.  They are scrummy to eat as they are with a coffee or tea, but  here a couple more ideas for you.

You can make a bread and butter pudding with some.  Just cut the crust off and lay in a dish. whisk two egg yolks and half a pint of milk together, add a small pot of cream to that and some fresh grated nutmeg and some marsala wine in as well about 2 fluid ounces.  Then pour over the top and make sure the panettone has soaked it all in for half an hour at least ( you can cover it with cling film at this point and pop it in the fridge over night)  then just bake it in the oven until its slightly crispy on top.

I add a little caster sugar on top but do not think it's needed in the panettone it's self.

OR how about making French toast with some.  whisk egg and milk together and nutmeg and cinnamon ( half teaspoon of each) then soak the bread.  You fry in a pan with butter until golden brown.  You can serve it with marscarpone cream cheese ( with one ounce of icing sugar folded in) and a berry compote ...... or orange and Cointreau syrup !!!!!

Hope what ever you are doing today, be it Christmas shopping or some last minute stitching, Enjoy your day.

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  1. Good morning Sarah
    OH YUMY YUMMY recipes, thank you.
    Have a wonderful weekend and be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love from your greatest fans.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX