Tuesday 21 March 2023

Life and my needle and thread.


Let all your words be seasoned with Grace. And remember a kind word is never wasted.

It has been a few weeks since I posted so sorry but well life sometimes gets in the way. Mum has not been well, very up and down and suddenly two weeks have passed by. I have sat with her and chatted but have been reading Little Women to her, she seems to enjoy hearing my voice and is very calm and dozes in and out of sleep.

The last time I rambled away on here I was off to the Re-Claimed Fair in Chipping Norton and I am thrilled to say I did make it to that.  I had the most wonderful day and very care free.

I arrived before the doors opened and looked at the little queue forming.  There was chatter and laughter with anticipation as to what may lay inside.  Let the truffling begin.  Everyone seems to look for different things and it was so wonderful wandering around.  Meeting up with friends old and new it was perfect.

Lots of people travel a fair way to get to this smaller vintage fair,  In fact Mo was there ( you may be reading this!) and she comes from Scotland.  It was so lovely to see you and then keep seeing you with arms full of goodies.

Wondering around and taking it all in, stopping to hug friends, which after covid is never taken forgranted anymore.  I stopped and had a coffee and a piece of chocolate cake and was able to catch up with a dear friend who was helping out with cakes and

coffee.  Chocolate cake for breakfast was a real treat I can tell you!

All of the stalls looked very beautiful and inviting and there was lots of gorgeous fabrics to rummage through, which you all know is my joy.  Emma of Little Wren Vintage was there too and it was really good to see her as well.

In between all of this Winter returned to Dorset, we had some snow and it was bitterly cold as well.  I was making sure I had something going on in the slow cooker for my supper and that the fire was ready to light when I got in.   I kept telling myself that ..

' No Winter lasts forever, No Spring skips its turn!'

The weather has got a little warmer now and I do feel that Spring is in the air.  The birds seem busy with twigs in their mouth so nests are being built.  And joy of joys I have my birdbath back together.   Let me explain, when I got the keys to Thimble

Cottage and my movers brought my things only half of my large stone birdbath came in.  This was 3 years ago now.  The pillar part stood their in a corner of the garden.  I had asked them to look several times but to no avail.  I kept looking at it and thinking I must go and tip that.  However in the last two weeks the company got hold of me and told me the top part had been found!!!  I could not believe it to be honest, three years and I was going to the tip at the weekend.....   It has been put in place and filled with water.  Nothing was going in it until today when I watched with delight a blackbird having a fabulous time bathing in it ...  Little things that make us smile!
I have been planning my quilt project along with some other bits.  I can now get back to some stitching, sewing gives me a peaceful heart and I really do need to knuckle down for a few days.

Mothers Day was lovely, my daughter and I went to see my Mum and then we went back to her house and lunch was being made for us.  My son in laws Mum was there too and there were 10 of us.  It was a happy day spent in each others company for


Yesterday I was a little drained and so really did not do much at all but today, refreshed and with mum stable again I have a few days ahead of me where I can work happily.

I am looking forward to more vintage fairs coming up over the next few weeks and of course there is Easter too so really must put my head down and sort out my projects to get started.  I had three on the go that were not finished and I have finished two of them.  I will take the third with me to my Mums later in the week but for now I am plotting and planning and yes catching up with you all on here.   

I hope you like the few photos I managed to take of the Re Claimed fair,  There were some beautiful antique bits for sure.  They can not, however, capture the wonderful atmosphere and laughter but believe me it was there by the bucket full.  The happiness of friends getting together with like minded people and of course Cake!!

So the rest of this week it is head down ... fingers crossed and I am able to continue with the plans I have been making for so long now.  The weather is improving and today the sun is out which makes everything seem better.

I have some serious work to be getting on with and I will then be able to chat to you all about that.

I hope you all have a great week and I will be back here within the week hopefully with lots of things to tell you.

Happy Stitching!

Sarah XX

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