Thursday 27 January 2022

It's a stay in and stitch day


What good is the warmth of Summer without the cold of Winter to give it sweetness.

John Steinbeck.

Although we have had lots of sunshine of late, the temperatures have been single numbers here.  I love going for a lovely walk along the riverbank and seeing the trees glisten with the frost and the sun.  Jack frost has been very busy making it so beautiful.

Apart from going out to appointments and to my Mum, it has been a hive of stitching activity here at Thimble.  I am working on a little pile of stitchery that needs to be finished.  I got a bit side tracked on my covered journal that I have mainly stitched whilst with my Mum in her very sleepy moments and days.

The fire has been blazing and the candles lit the pure cosiness of the cottage has been so wonderful and the slow stitching process has been good for the soul.

Its the hygge of it all and when combined it is pure bliss. 

A few weeks ago, you may remember I was asking your opinions on day light lamps.  Well I decided that indeed it was something I really would find useful on dull days and Winter short days of sun.

I decided that it was the day light bulb that was the winner and so as long as the lamp I choose was fit for purpose I could get and antique anglepoise lamp.  A friend found one on Ebay for me and it looked perfect.  It is antique and is the original cream colour.  It moves up and down and in every possible position.  It had been re-wired with antique looking cord and I bought a daylight bulb.  There is a square two step base and I am thrilled with it to say the least.  Its fluid so I can move it around and that means not only can it go on the little coffee table by my favourite chair to stitch in the lounge, it can go on any table here or easily moved to the studio as well. It folds up and I could take it away with me as well if I needed to.  My stitching hours have now stretched and that means even if I can not pick a needle until mid afternoon, now my sewing can continue on after 4 ish. 

Memories are stitched with so much love. 

Spring is not too far away and at the moment bulbs are doing their very best to sprout their leaves through the hard ground.  I am looking forward to it I must say because I am going to be busy putting in a little patio area that always gets full sun in the afternoon right up until the sun finally sets.  The rest of the garden at that point breathes a sigh of relief after a very warm day and settles into some welcome shade.

In addition to that I am going to raise a border in the little garden for my miniature fruit trees and some wild flowers in between.  Spring is the perfect time to get this done before (hopefully) the

heat of the Summer months.  The little fruit trees are at this point in time in huge pots but I really want to plant them out.

I have been doodling around with new designs and ideas as well.  I must admit I really enjoy that part of my stitching process.  The smell of a new paper page blank in front of you and just waiting to be drawn upon or even sometimes water colours are brought in as well.

Sat out in The Threads of Time studio the other day I had candles going and lights.  The radio was on in the back ground and I was imagining it filled with laughter when the workshop days start.  I think the fun, laughter, company of like minded people will lift our spirits after a difficult few years.  Covid has seen families apart and freedom as we knew it, taken away.  

Yesterday I went on a walk with my Sister and her dog and then we went to the farm shop to have a coffee and a cheese scone with homemade butter.  It was bliss, there we were face to face and not on facetime, laughing and talking... never again will I take that for granted.  

My days are split with sewing, organising workshop dates and designing for said events. I am hoping 2022 will be the year it can all begin.  I am so looking forward to meeting some of you.

On that note my basket of stitching beckons once more and the fire will need to have a few logs thrown on.  Then the kettle will need to go on for some tea and I can settle back in to my little tiny slow stitches and with my old/new day light lamp I can work on a little longer today.

So for now HAPPY STITCHING and as always take care out there.

Sarah XX

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