Tuesday 13 April 2021

Slow stitches and sewing seedlings!


Stitching by the river watching the Kingfishers

What a delight and a sure treat.


 I am pleased to say that the garden is coming along and I am impatient for things to grow.  The climbing rose is going to slowly for my liking .. I long to see it cover the arch over the gate and hang with large white scented roses.  I have oodles of patience in stitchery but it seems not so much when I am waiting for plants to establish. Still nature will do her thing, in her own time .. and so I wait!

Being by the River Stour is a blessing, really only a five minute walk to the River bank and on a warmer day it is a delight truly.  I pack a little basket with some slow stitching, journal and often a warm drink and sit there sewing and watching the world go by.  People watching and always an eager eye open for the odd otter or two.  Its peaceful and it is soothing for the soul. It reminded me of this poem:

If I could patch a coverlet
From pieces of the Spring,
What dreams a happy child would have
Beneath so fair a thing!
A centre of the dear blue sky,
A bordering of green,
With patches of the yellow sun
All chequered in between.
Bright ribbons of the silky grass
Laced prettily across,
With satin of new little leaves,
And velvet of the moss.
In every corner, violets,
Half-hidden from the view,
With many-flowered squares betwixt,
Of pinky tints and blue..
Embroideries of little vines,
And spider-webs of lace...
With gold-thread I would sew the seams,
And needles of the pine;
Oh, never child in all the world
Would have a quilt like mine!

~Abbie Farwell Brown, "Spring Patchwork," 1901

I love that little poem and the blue of the sky and the sun shinning all be it a little chilly it came to mind

whilst sitting on the seat by the river. This is the joy of slow stitching, you can take it anywhere with you, it good to go in a basket.  As the days get longer and much warmer, lots more of this will happen I can assure you.  Sat in the shade of huge trees I will be taking my lunch there on some days.

The shops are now open, antique shops as well and this weekend coming I am planning a day of truffling! I may not even see anything that I would like or need to bring home, but the joy of hours spent looking is what I am personally looking forward to I can tell you.

You can now go get a coffee and sit on seating outside and so life is starting to get a little bit normal with some freedom and I am so happy.

My little office come work room upstairs at Thimble has gone from quite tidy to Woah! when did the bomb go off ... so today I am going to be tackling some tidy up.

I seem to want to do so much, go through this or that.  Write a letter to a friend, find a piece of fabric that I know I have .. somewhere!  I try and fit so much in to my day.  I do like to finish around 4pm to

do some other things... water garden, do a little house work and to sit and watch antique like programs.. so I have let my little office/workroom go wild.  Time to sort it me thinks.

The thing is I have to be a little ruthless and if there is no place for something it will have to go.

I still have plenty of room in my fabric drawers, she sighs with relief.. If I keep them tidy then there is more room you see.

It is a full week this week and so I should achieve a little more. I am going to visit my Mum with my Sister tomorrow.  We are not to sure as to what we can and can't do.  I think we are required to take a Covid test.  Dress is scrubs with a mask and then we can go into her room.  We want to go through her clothes and see what we can get rid of to buy her some new things for the Summer and also take her in a huge bunch of flowers for her room.  We do not need to go into the box.  Hoping we do not look too much like nurses, which will bewilder her though, both of us want to hold her so much.  Anything now has to be better than it has been for over a year.

I have some serious stitching days planned too, so as you can see I am never once bored.. well maybe when I have to iron!  however not if its paisley or eiderdown fabrics..

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will be back on Friday with another ramble.  It will be excited because of the weekend of truffling, I warn you.

As always HAPPY STITCHING! and still take great care out there, Covid is a long way off from going away.

Sarah X



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    1. I totally agree! .. plus it makes us feel better by being surrounded by nature and having somewhere for bees 🐝 to play 🌺

  2. I am thrilled that you are able to visit your Mum, hope the visit goes well for you all. We are living in such strange times.

    1. Thank you. Yes it’s difficult because she just does not understand! .. that worries me terribly. 💕

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