Friday 23 February 2024

Stitching time and Quarry Bank


A little more laughter

A little less worry

A little more kindness

A little less hurry.

Stitching time is a time to immerse yourself, it is self care time where you can breathe and be as one with the sound of a needle and thread going through the fabric and the whole process of the slow stitch is so calming and healing, my happiest of places to be to just  concentrate on the cloth and thread and no other thoughts come into my head.  I know this all too well because when my mum was so very poorly I just could not pick up a needle for months, it did not work at all. In addition to all of the above you get something beautiful that you have made, hours of love and always a little bit of your heart as well.  I think of that when I am lucky enough to receive a hand stitched gift, someone has taken their precious time to make something from their heart to yours.

Little projects on the go in wee baskets is always a pleasure for me  there is something about it that makes me happy and they are so portable as well.  If I go somewhere for a few days I can just grab one to go.  The beautiful antique quilt that I am currently working on and adding to is just too big to take, to work on, so the the little bits that I am stitching to possibly be stitched on to it are in a basket to be stitched and the things that will be stitched directly onto this very old quilt will have to wait until I return home again.  This way though it still feels that I am still working on my Red Cross Canadian quilt.  I am thoroughly enjoying  adding to its story and wondering what the outcome will be. A already wonderful history contained in this beauty with added history for future generations one day ...

As I am writing this blog today I am looking out into my little garden and it seems that Spring is starting to surface, it is still a little cold out there but for sure the birds are collecting for nests and bulbs are bursting through the soil.  I collect really tiny little scraps from soft fabrics and bits of wool threads and poke them around my miniature apple trees and little birds are collecting it to line nests with.  I used to do this at my old home and it is heart warming to see.  I like to think that their nests are soft and cosy with scraps of vintage paisleys ... 

My log burner is still very much used still of an evening it is so cosy and it warms the whole cottage the candles are lit and it is still a delight but I am happy to say the evenings are getting lighter, I love my seasons and try to embrace each one.  As you know if you are a regular reader that Autumn is my favourite and there will be a little nod to that on the quilt project.

Also since I last posted I have been in Cheshire and whilst there, being a member of National Trust I visited Quarry Bank ... Oh my what a most wonderful place it is.

The mill that Samuel Greg built in 1784 was around half the size of the mill we see today. It was designed as a long, low block with tall windows that flooded the mill with light – however the lower panes were obscured to prevent the workers from gazing out and becoming distracted.

In 1796, the mill doubled in size with a second water wheel added, and a new weir built to feed it.

Around 1820, a new mill block was added, which created space for more spinning and carding machines, with 300 workers operating 10,00 spindles.

After Samuel Greg died, his son Robert added two weaving sheds (and 305 looms) and a cloth warehouse. Various other improvements took place during the 19th century including a new fireproof scutching room, steam engines and a boiler house. By 1855 the major building works at Quarry Bank were complete. (copied and pasted from the website)

Samuel Greg also built a house there for the family and cottages for workers.  Today all but one of those cottages are rented out and one remains for people to visit and look at the cottage as it was then.  There is a little school which remains a working school to this day.

I was in awe and on those very same looms they still produce fabrics and they spin the wool and make their thread .. I was in heaven watching these centuries old machines working their magic today.  Although I very rarely if at all purchase new fabrics I made an exception with this gorgeous linen fabrics because it was made on this antique weaving machines.  I bought some to line my rice bags that I am busy making.

Then I thought ah how about a competition so I have purchased two fat quarters and a

linen draw string bag from Quarry mill and that is the prize.

So to enter you will have to go over to my instagram page which is one.tiny.stitch and follow me on there and write a comment on there so that I have your name to pop into my antique bowler hat and then pick out a name to win this most wonderful prize.

On the instagram you will see photos of the prize and you can not miss it.  The competition is open for two weeks from today.  So pop on over to be able to see the photos of this lovely prize.  Think of the possibilities of what you can create with this oh so very beautiful fabrics.

Well that is enough rambling for today and I hope you have enjoyed your read.

It is back to my hand stitching now and I wish you all a wonderful weekend and please take care.

As always Happy Stitching!

Sarah XX


  1. Such a lovely, relaxing blog to read. This is your second one I’ve read now and plan to read more. ๐Ÿฅฐ
    You mention instagram? Where do I find you on there? X

    1. Thank you for your kind words so pleased you enjoy reading. On instagram I am one.tiny.stitch

  2. Such a beautiful place to visit. If ever I’m up that way I shall remember this ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

    1. So glad you enjoyed your read here. It’s wonderful to have feedback that’s for sure. ๐Ÿงต๐Ÿชก