Friday 12 November 2021

Hygge, candles and stitching.


Autumn leaves shower like gold, like rainbows,

 as the winds of change begin to blow.

Dan Millman

Here in beautiful Dorset we are fully in Autumn mode, although the plants in my garden tend to disagree.  The lavenders are all going for a third bloom which lovely but unusual in the least.  New foxgloves are starting to sprout and they are much earlier in the year as you know.

It is getting colder at night that is for sure and the log burner is on most evenings.  Candles are everywhere lighting up little corners of Thimble and making it look cosy and inviting.  The flames flicker and make beautiful warming patterns on the walls.  Thimble is a glow with cosy corners
and quilts over chairs. It is decorated for Autumn and I know some people are preparing for Christmas and Winter already but I just do not feel it is that time here right now.  The end of the month is soon enough for me. I am still in the mode of walking by the river and the leaves crunching beneath my feet.  Trees here are slowly dropping their leaves but the trees themselves are far from bare and still look colourful and like jewels shinning in the Autumn sun.

Sitting in a cosy chair and slow stitching is the order of the day, the days are darker somehow so candles are on even then.  One of my larger candles is cinnamon and orange and the gorgeous

scent fills the air, for me it fills my head with happy memories and makes the atmosphere here even more inviting.

I have started slow stitching on gorgeous antique French linen to cover some journals.  I am

trying to finish two other projects too and there is sooooo many french knots in them that I only do a few hours a day on those as you almost go cross eyed with it.  I love french knots and it is just adding so much depth to both projects, however it is a little too much all day.

So I am alternating at different times of the day with the journals I am creating.  When the stitching is finished I can cover a beautiful journal for the three of them.  As you are all aware by now I live by my journals and find them useful in every sense,  and in my mind they should also be beautiful as Mr William Morris quotes.

Using my journals for all sorts of things it is an easy go to.  I have a journal just for quotes that I find or write myself is great.  I find using just one journal for all sorts really jumbled and it takes an age to find something.

In addition to all this I have been truffling around in the local charity shops as well.  I have found a few little personal bits for my dresser, the trick is to go most days to see new stock as soon as it has been donated.  In the past I have found some beautiful vintage china and bits.

Before you all groan this is Christmas talk, I have started Christmas shopping and was lucky

enough to spend a day in Cambridge doing just that.  Different shops than here and I managed to get quite a bit done too.  I really do not to be around the crowds in December.  I am still being extremely careful with Covid and always in a mask when out.  
I am looking for another vintage

fair to go to and it will be my last one this year I think.

So some stitchery goodies that I have recently bought some oh so gorgeous vintage threads from Vintage to Victorian fame.  They arrived today and oh be still my beating heart!  The colours are outstanding and I keep stroking them, they may have to go in glass jar so that they are always visible rather than a box or drawer.  To stunning to hide away from the world.  What do you think?  They would be so beautiful to look at in my studio. When my work shops start next year they will be on the table for the stitchers to choose from to use in their project.  I will be hunting out a jar later that is for sure, I can't stop thinking about how lovely it would look.

Our Mum has taken a little turn for the worse I am afraid,  we were shocked to see her today as the care home has been closed for Covid outbreak.  In the 10 days she has really lost weight and is sleeping a lot.  We have known her to be very poorly and bounce back but I am not sure this time.  I will be taking in some stitching and be with her a fair bit this week as will my sister.  We look at photos of her from just 3 years ago and can not believe what this terrible illness has done to our lovely Mum.  Sitting in her beautiful room next to her it is somehow very peaceful and I am happy to stitch there and talk to her.  The french knots will not be coming with me, however the journal covers will I think.

I have bought some pretty little candle holders for tealights, like little cottages and bought some battery tealights, they are coming with me to light her room in all the little places and shelves.

Well that is it for today I really must find that jar and also continue with some slow stitching this afternoon, it gets dark by 4pm and then it stops play.  I am thinking of getting a day light lamp, does anyone out there have one? Are they good?

Until next time take care and as always Happy Stitching! 

Sarah X


  1. Morning Sarah! I’m playing catch up so just reading this lovely post now. I am sorry your mum is not so good and hope she has gained strength since this post. I list my mum very suddenly last year, so I know how precious your time with her is.
    I love the idea of all your vibrant threads in a jar - it will look like a gorgeous jar of jewels. You asked about day lights. I have one and they do make a difference, even during the day, so I can certainly recommend.
    I hope you got to a final fair. I was planning to come down to one of the Country Brocantes but sadly the dates coincided with other commitments. Much love, Mo xxx

    1. Hello Mo, Happy New Year to you. Congratulations on the birth of your Granddaughter too.
      Thank you for the day light lamp information it really is something I think I will purchase soon, especially on the dark days.

      I have lots of candles on and a fire blazing but weeny little hand stitches, well they sometimes need a little more light and clarity.

      I hope you are well and really hope to meet up this year, its been too long.

      Sarah xx